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Services for Business.

We have several services for our business clients.

(1) Custom Branded Packaging.  We will create custom stationary for you (with your logo), a custom-designed full color sticker applied to the white box, and ship your orders with your return address!  This is an unbelievably simple way to combine the personalization and serendipity of a Little Something with your own brand -- like it came from your own office!  Creating this custom packaging comes with a one-time charge of $50, and covers as many shipments as you need for the year.  We'll literally keep your custom stationary and package applications in stock at our office so we're ready to ship for you anytime.

(2) Bulk Ordering.  If you want to send a special order of the same product to 12 or more people, please contact us!  We have many options beyond the limited number of items we keep in stock.  Let us tap into our wholesale network to find the perfect gift for your clients.

(3) Regular Gifting.  We love it when one of our customers welcomes all of their new clients with a Little Something -- or sends a Little Something on their client's birthdays.

(4) Email or Text Ordering.  Simply send us a spreadsheet or a simple email.  We can take it from there.  We can also set up a text number so you can text orders to us on the go.

For information on any of these, leave a voicemail at (814) 626-3000 or email Matt Garber at matt at littlesomething dot com.  We'll be delighted to help!

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Box Sign - Courage Is
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