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What is a "Little Something™"?

A "Little Something" is exactly what it sounds like – something small that a person gives to someone else! Rather than the focus being on the value of the item itself, the idea is to convey your thoughts or feelings to another person in a unique and special manner. Every "Little Something" at LittleSomething.com comes with a little note so your thoughts can be put into words as well.

Who would I send a "Little Something" to?

Almost anyone with a mailbox! Seriously, you can send one to a grandparent or grandchild, employee or client, friend or neighbor, spouse or parent. Depending on the "Little Something" you choose and the words you write, it can be appropriate for just about anyone.

When is a good time to send a "Little Something"?

Sending a "Little Something" can be great for special occasions. It's an incredible way to say "thank you". Businesspeople recognize it as a superb way to keep in touch with important contacts. However, one of our favorite reasons is no special reason at all – just letting someone know you care.

Why not just send a greeting card or an email?

Go ahead – both have their place and both are important. However, think about the enjoyment anyone gets from opening a surprise package. (Especially remember how that felt as a kid!) The power of thoughtfulness conveyed with a few words and a "Little Something" is remarkable. The only drawback is that you're not usually there to see the smile spread across their face.

How do you find "Little Somethings" to offer on the site?

Our team has worked very hard to find classy, unique and special "Little Somethings" for you to send. "We've spent hours pouring over websites, looking through catalogs, sending for samples, and reviewing products." We've only chosen a few, and we think you'll like what we've come up with. We're going to be adding more, too, but they have to meet our quality standards.

How can you do this so inexpensively?

We've been able to develop wholesale relationships with a variety of distributors so that we can afford to offer you such great "Little Somethings" to choose from. In addition, we keep our operating costs low with a small, dedicated team operating out of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

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