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About Us

How We Got Started

As with many things, LittleSomething.com began as an idea. Our co-founders, all busy dads and entrepreneurs, realized it didn't take a lot to convey a simple, meaningful message to another person. But while doing (or sending) something thoughtful is theoretically not complicated, they still found themselves missing opportunity after opportunity to follow up with others or encourage them.

As a result, the idea of LittleSomething.com was born. Planning began in 2006. The initial software planning phase began in earnest in mid-2007 and the website was developed aggressively through most of early 2008. It was officially launched on July 11, 2008.

Who We Are

LittleSomething.com is a family-and-friends business located in Altoona, Pennsylvania in the heart of the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. The team behind LittleSomething.com is made up of programmers, customer service representatives, and fulfillment professionals.

About the Team:

Matt Garber is a native of Bellwood, PA and attended Grove City College. After serving in youth ministry, Matt led communications and operations for three startup companies, followed by a time as director of a non-profit family counseling organization. Matt serves as the Director of LittleSomething.com. He doubles as a law school student, attending classes in Camden County, New Jersey, where he resides with his wife, Christina, and their children.

Originally from Philadelphia, David Glickman moved to State College, PA in his late teens where he established his first business - a restaurant selling Philly cheese steaks. Eventually he joined the Kirby Corporation where he became an international speaker and sales trainer. Dave has owned and operated several successful businesses including Virtual Office Systems and Apex Global Fulfillment. Dave and his wife Ginny reside in State College.

Jason Garber lives with his family in Altoona, PA. Jason is a talented computer programmer and the owner of AppCove, a high-level website application development company. He loves building things and doing creative building projects with his kids on their mountain property near Altoona.

Other Services

LittleSomething.com Business Services is a way to harness the power of LittleSomething.com and put it to work to build client relationships and deepen customer loyalty. In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, business owners and sales professionals need ways to stand out from the competition. LittleSomething.com Business Services provides a unique tool to make your customers feel valued and to communicate powerfully with them.

To inquire about this program, please contact Matt Garber.

LittleSomething.com Fulfillment Services are designed to make warehousing and distributing products not only simple, but very "budgetable". In other words, we eliminate almost all setup fees, warehousing feeds, receiving fees, and focus on getting your product out the door and into the hands of your customer. If you need warehousing and fulfillment services, please contact us.

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